This website is going to be rebuilt. My plan is to include a database of prophecies, and make scientific predictions based on game theory. I develop a software able to make simple predictions related to international relations. The software works, it seems. It's based on New York University Professor Bruce de B. Mesquita software. This Professor has been invited by CIA to make predictions since 1979. If I have time, I will post a few predictions from time to time here too.


Introduction to Prophecies

History shows that in the ancient world knowing the future was an added-value tool available for some rulers. There are several Egyptian four thousand year old prophecies on the walls of the pyramids, on the sarcophaguses and on papyri. According to Dr. Bob Brier, author of Ancient Egyptian Magic, for the Egyptians, all dreams were prophetic, but there were only a few people able to interpret them. It’s known that the oracle of Amun existed in 1490 B.C. He was used in a coup d'état to convince the masses. In China, the I Ching (Book of Changes), is about five thousand years old, and it is the oldest known manuscript and probably was created based on a divinatory technique, which was seven thousand years old. Divinatory bones of the Xia dynasty, the first Chinese imperial dynasty, were found in the 1970s by archeologists in China. The Assyrians also practiced astrology and, especially the chaldeans, tried to know the peoples future based on the movement of the stars. In the Mesopotamia-Invention of the City, the expert Gwendolyn Leick states that “in the third millennium (BC), several divination forms were being used to know the fortune, in order to obtain positive or negative answers for specific subjects...The epistemological basis for the divination was the idea that the gods communicate their preferences leaving all types of occult indications that can be read and understood by specialists. From the planets to the crawling things on the earth, the whole universe could be seen as coded with messages concerning the future... The patterns produced by oil in the water or in the smoke of the incense were able to therefore, be examined sincerely for the obtaining of answers. However, the favorite method in Mesopotamia was the observation of animal entrails, especially the liver of lambs selected for that end. Temples for the practice of the prophecy were built at Mesopotamia at that time. The oracles arrived to the Greeks and in Siwa (Libya) through the Phoenicians, who sold two Egyptian female priests, one for the Greeks, and the other for the Libyans, according to the legend. Cicero stated in De Divinations that in old Greece, about 2000 years ago, no war began or ended, nor a Greek colony was established, without first a consultation to the sibylline oracles. When Alexander believed the oracle was correct, he proclaimed a decreet saying he was the son of God. Saying you were son of a God or that you came from a dinasty of Gods was common at that time.

In "Selected Prophecies and Prophets", the reader will find a few amazing prophecies. I found one of them in the Royal Library in Portugal, in a manuscript, written in Latin. It is maybe the oldest prophecy with the word "America" and it says the Muslims will arrive in America. Concerning Vladimir Putin, the King of Angoulmois by Nostradamus, the accuracy of this prophecy is one of the most impressive ones among all prophecies in our planet. The reader will also find other prophecies that may lead people to think that Putin is the predicted Antichrist in Middle Ages and before.

In today's Russia, nostalgia for the Soviet era is growing. Many Russians reflect wistfully on the passing of an era when the Soviet Union was a superpower, commanding international respect, and they blame its demise on external enemies and foolish changes in policy. In an address to the Russian Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin called the breakup of the Soviet Union the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century. In which aspects Putin would fulfill the old prophecies about the Antichrist?

There are also prophecies about a global economic crisis, which will come a little before the 3rd world war breaks out in the 2020s, according to my studies, now 20 years long. The 3rd World War will split many countries in 2 alliances. In one side, the US and Europe. In the other side, Russia, the Muslims countries, and an Oriental power, which could be China, Japan or even these and more other Eastern countries. This will be the final war. It's not going to be very different from what Einstein said. "I don't know how the 3rd world war will be, but the 4th one will be with stones and sticks." At the end of the war, the world will suffer a big natural catastrophe and then there will a change in the global economic system beginning in Germany and, in a certain way, a new kind of communism will back. Different from what Francis Fukuyama said in his article and book published in 1992, it is not going to be certainly the "end of history." No past power remained in leadership forever and no one will remain, this is out of question. . . .

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Photo 1 January 2010

This book was published in June 2009 in Germany by Kopp Verlag. The book shows myths about past catastrophes relating them to prophecies about future catastrophes and to the global warming.

September 2010

My book called "2012: The Year of the Changes. Prophecies about Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, other leaders, and the United States" will be published in November 2010 in the US. Visit www.obamaandputin.com for information about it.

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